Gossamer Folds

Saturday, September 26 at 7:00 pm

Screening Location: Bethel Woods Terrace Stage, 200 Hurd Road, Bethel, NY 12720

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The festival continues at Bethel Woods on Saturday, September 26 with the world premiere theatrical screening of the new drama GOSSAMER FOLDS, a coming of age story set in 1980s Missouri. Ten-year-old Tate (Jackson Robert Scott, ‘It’) defies his transphobic father and develops a strong bond with his transgender neighbor Gossamer (Alexandra Grey, “Empire,” “Transparent”) and her father, a retired English professor who is still processing his child’s identity. The film’s creative team includes queer director, Lisa Donato; transgender cinematographer, Ava Benjamin Shorr; cisgender producer, Yeardley Smith (the voice of Lisa Simpson, and an LGBTQ+ ally); and transgender actor, Alexandra Grey. 

The Advocate says “It’s a nuanced exploration of childhood, identity, friendship, and family dynamics, especially the formation of found families. Its characters are multilayered, imperfect, and evolving.”

Pre-order a picnic dinner to enjoy during the movie. Options here.

Run time: 95 min.

Director: Lisa Donato
Writer:Bridget Flanery
Producers:Yeardley Smith, Ben Cornwell, Jordan Foley, Jonathan Rosenthal, Nick Smith, Adam Carl
Editor:Alex Blatt
Cinematographer:Ava Benjamin Shorr
Cast:Alexandra Grey (Gossamer), Jackson Robert Scott (Tate), Franklin Ojeda Smith (Edward), Yeardley Smith (Phyllis), Sprague Grayden (Frannie), Shane West (Billy) and Ethan Suplee (Jimbo)