Martha: A Picture Story

Sunday, September 22 at 1:00 pm

Screening Location: Tusten Theatre, 210 Bridge Street, Narrowsburg, NY 12764

SCREENING SPONSOR: Nancy Stevenson and Ken Sable

In the 1970’s, as the boroughs of New York City burned, Martha Cooper worked as a photographer for the New York Post, seeking images of creativity and play where others saw crime and poverty. As a result, she captured some of the first images of New York graffiti, at a time when the city had declared war on this new culture. Martha and her co-author Henry Chalfant compiled these images into the book “Subway Art.” However, the commercial failure of the book forced Martha to leave graffiti behind, moving on to document many other hidden cultures of New York.

Director: Selina Miles

Producer: Daniel Joyce

Cinematographers: Selina Miles, Marcus Autelli

Editor: Simon Njoo

2019 | USA | 82 min