Rural Stories Shorts

Saturday, September 21 at 3:00 pm

Screening Location: Tusten Theatre, 210 Bridge Street, Narrowsburg, NY 12764

These short films highlight the experiences of people living in non-urban communities. The program includes documentaries, scripted stories, and animation. Three of the films were shot in Sullivan County, NY.

Helen (Mark Allen Davis, 13 min)
A transient orphan raised by an elderly couple causes tension within a lake community as she reaches adulthood, ending tragically.

Currency (Scott Gabriel, 17 min)
Seventeen days ago, bank accounts across America froze. Javier, a Cuban immigrant, struggles to keep his small town gas station open as utilities and telecommunications begin to go offline. But when Javier and his family realize how much their store’s supply of fuel and food might be worth, they find themselves deeply divided about what to do with their newfound “wealth.”

A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud. (Karen Allen, 30 min)
A young boy and an older man meet by chance at a roadside café in the early morning in the Spring of 1947. Based on the short story by groundbreaking southern American writer Carson McCullers, written when she was just 25 years old.

The Boy and the Landmine (Harris Feldman & Aaron Feldman, 3 min)
A Cambodian boy encounters on an old landmine in a field, which triggers a conversation of survival and purpose between the two of them.

What Makes a Village (Isaac Green Diebboll, 7 min)
Sullivan County youth discuss the role of creativity in coping with doubts, fears and hardships in their everyday lives.

Approximate runtime: 67 min.