Unseen Worlds – Documentary Shorts

Saturday, September 19 at 12:30 p.m.

Step into lands and perspectives rarely seen in these six vastly different short documentaries that explore secret worlds.

Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs are hugely popular all around the world, except in the United States where they’re considered a choking hazard and are illegal. One man has become a Kinder smuggler in “Crooked Candy” (Andrew Rodgers, USA, 6 min.); Low water levels in Oregon’s Hyatt Lake during the drought of 2014 offer a glimpse of the petrified forest flooded by the Hyatt Dam in “Lost/Forgotten” (Ryan Niemi, USA, 5 min.); Step into the well-worn shoes of Morag, an 86-year-old woman who lives alongside her 12 sheep in the Scottish Island home where 5 generations of her family lived before her in “Cailleach” (Rosie Reed Hillman, Scotland, 14 min.); One of New York City’s darkest secrets is discussed, as a subway operator struggles to get his life back on track after a desperate woman commits suicide by jumping in front of his train in “Man Under” (Paul Stone, USA, 12 min.); Max goes on a journey behind the scenes of “Shrek,” which he believes was stolen from his father’s children’s book character, to expose the dark side of Hollywood in “The Big Green” (Max Chaiet, USA, 32 min.); A young girl sets out to understand the concept of war by interviewing those who’ve experienced it first hand in “Little Questions” (Virginia Abramovich, USA, 12 min.)

Approximate runtime: 80 min.

Tickets: $10
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